Eilat Stone Center

New Technological Gems Museum

Welcome to Eilat Stone Center

Join us for an innovative and exciting attraction that will introduce you to a new world that you have not yet known!


Huge showroom

The largest showroom in Israel of gems and diamonds with over 100 display tables
Spread over 1,000 feet.
A huge selection of gold, diamonds and silver jewelry in a modern and original combinations.
The largest selection in Israel of Eilat stone jewelry.


Eilat stone

The national stone of Israel.
In the Stone museum, we will get to know the magical world of the unique Eilat stone created in one place in the world, Timna Mines, about 24 km
North of the city of Eilat.
We will observe the process of cutting and polishing the stone, from the raw material to its transformation into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

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Technological Museum

A fascinating encounter between minerals, fossils
And rare crystals.
We will watch a short film about the process of diamond formation, we will get to know the types of mining and the places it is common to find them.
“The most precious natural resource in the world.”
We will get to know more at the 3D
Gem Museam.

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3D Technological Museum

A fascinating encounter in the innovative three-dimensional museum between minerals, fossils and rare crystals and more.

Gems and zodiac signs

A personal experience of discovering your stone according to the date you were born, which will empower you and fill you with energy and good luck.

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Fossil and Crystals Museum

During the tour with our guides, you will go through a fascinating encounter of rare minerals, fossils, and crystals.

The wild Eilat stone

The Eilat stone has been recognized as the national stone of Israel and is recognized throughout the world as a stone that can only be produced in the Timna mines.

Diamonds and engagement rings

With us you can buy unlaid diamonds according to your budget!
You can choose a ring, earrings or pendant and inlay in place.

Luxury Watches

Here you will find the world’s leading brands at the cheapest prices in the country!


The largest showroom in Israel for gems and diamonds, a huge selection of gold, diamonds and silver jewelry, in modern and original combinations.