The Eilat Stone Center was established in 1995 in Eilat,
In order to create an attraction that will provide a unique experience that does not exist.

The entrance to the complex simulates a mine and immediately at the entrance you will go on a guided tour that includes a film about diamond history, an entrance to a three-dimensional technological gem museum that explains the world of stones and minerals and each stone and its birthday and what it symbolizes.

From there we will enter the Eilat Stone Museum. The story about the history of the wild stone of Eilat,
The process of producing it until it becomes a beautiful piece of jewelry, its uniqueness and its demand in the world.

In our complex, every customer enjoys the largest showroom in Israel!
About 1,000 meters of a huge selection of silver, diamond, gold, gems and wild Eilat jewelry.
In the Eilat Stone Center you will find unique jewelry that is nowhere else in the world,
Enjoy a gemological room for purchasing fine diamonds
And a jewelery service for customizing each piece of jewelry.


Our story

The national stone of Israel.
At the Stone Museum we will get to know the magical world of the unique Eilat stone created in one place in the world, Timna Mines, about 24 km north of the city of Eilat. We will observe the process of cutting and polishing the stone, from the raw material to its transformation into a beautiful piece of jewelry.